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Gotham Audio's 14108, 8 Channel Snake, SOLD PER FOOT, NOT TERMINATED

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Double shielded Audio Snake 141xx 110Ohm

Each pair of conductors is protected by our exclusive "double shielding concept" featuring our 100% covered Reussen shield and a new copper coated nonwoven Polyester layer (K6160) resulting in two layers of copper shields with each 100% coverage to secure minimal crosstalkmaximal RF-rejection and excellent flexibility of the whole construction. With this concept of shielding and protection, the cable is the best possible consent of reliability, flexibility and signal protection. Gotham multipair cables come in various combinations from 4pair up to 24pair, per meter, in cut length or standard spools. All multipair cables are numbered each meter for easy length termination. This range of snake is built to accommodate 110 Ohm digital Audio/DMX data transfer as the  construction is made with a 110 Ohm impedance. So you can use this snake combined for analog and digital (balanced) signals transport.
Now available from stock. No Minimum orders. Sold per meter cut or full spools


Shown 14124 (24pair)

Oxygen free (LCOF) higher grade 100% pure copper at best standards for best performance.

Construction of Multipair snake : 

1 = Outer Jacket:  PVC, black  RAL 9005
2 = Viscose fiber coat: Counter wrapped
3 = inner jacket: (Ø 3.4mm) numbered 1 - 24  black RAL 9005, white numbers (same as 10351 product)
4 = Shield No. 1: Bare copper wires (0.10 mm) 100% coverage
Shield No. 2: K6160 Polyester nonwoven thermally bonded, both sides copper coated
Insulation (cond): Foam Skin PP 09YSI, Ø 1.15 mm, red and white wrapped/twisted lay length 50 mm
Conductor: Stranded bare copper wires 19 x 0.10 mm (0.15mm²) 19x38AWG = 26AWG

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:    < 138 Ohm/km
Insulation resitance   <  100MOhm/km
Shielding resistance:    < 30 Ohm/km
Capacitance at 800Hz: cond/cond:  < 47 nF/km
  cond/shield:  < 110 nF/km
Operation voltage   low voltage
Test voltage   1000 Veff
Impedance   110 Ohm +/- 15%
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C

Construction of Multipair: 14108  (8 Pair)   

Jacket: PVC, max Ø 14.0 mm black RAL 9005
Spool size: 200m
Weight/m: 0.26 kg
Weight/spool: 46.00 kg
Order No.: 14108

Construction of Multipair: 14112 (12 Pair)  

Jacket: PVC, max Ø 17.40 mm, black RAL 9005
Spool size: 100m
Weight/m: 0.31 kg
Weight/spool: 33.00 kg
Order No.: 14112