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110Ω AES/EBU (XLR) Canare Cable

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Robust construction makes this cable a good choice for all Digital Pro Audio field recording. Outfitted with a special PE filter rods, this cables will maintain a constant 110Ω

The Canare DA206 cable is terminated with your choice of Neutrik XLR connectors which are designed for maximum RF-protection. Canare's DA206 is one of the most reliable AES/EBU cables on the market and very affordable!

We can also cover the cable with a protective clear sleeve, aka EasyCoil™, and/or our NoKink™ tertiary jacket that prevent the ends of an XLR cable to sag, or bend easily. 

The EasyCoil™ technology, as the name suggests, assures the cables are extremely easy to coil due to the secondary jacket. This helps the cable to hold its form (when properly wound) and provides extra protection, resulting in a longer life. Our NoKink™ practice is geared toward protecting the ends of the cables. Since XLR connectors are heavy, cables often develop kinks at each end over time. Our tertiary “jacket” is applied to both ends to prevent this from happening. With these two features combined, the result is a high-quality, easy to manage cable that will go the distance and then some.


  • Twisted Pairs with Braid Shield
  • Special PE Filter Rods maintain constant 110 ohm impedance
  • Great choice for all Digital Pro Audio field recording
  • Your choice of Neutrik XLR Connectors which are the "industry standard" XLR cable connector.
  • Cardas Quad or Tri Eutectic Solder
  • Geistnote's TLC