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Casper. A Gōst™ Series XLR Cable using GAC-3 (Neumann Style cable)

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Gotham Audio's Gac-3 is based on an old Neumann style cable using three conductors and a shield. This cable is a long kept secret amongst larger studios who want this kept a secret because it's part of their "sound". They don't want everyone having the same ammunition as they do. For years no one has heard of Gotham because they have zero advertising. I am trying my best to bring them to the market. 

The sound of this cable is attributed to the THREE conductor + shield design verses the TWO conduct + shield design of other XLR cables. Its doesn't add or subtract from the signal and it's design is to be "invisible", almost like the microphone is connected directly to the preamp with zero wiring.

We will have other choices for this cable, but for now, this is our first offering of this style of cable. 

You might not know, but I do not list or sell a single item that I would not use myself. Hence the limited selection that we have here at Geistnote. 

Kevin Geist

Can be used for analog or digital applications.

Warning, the Techflex sleeving is extremely slippery on solid flooring, i.e. wood, tile, etc. Please be careful. :-)