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Evidence Audio Screw In Solderless (SIS) Pedal Board Kit Builder

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Evidence Audio introduces the prefect 1/4" phone plug for use with its award-winning The Monorail™ signal Cable, the SIS (Screw In Solderless) plug. The SIS plug offers the convenience to build and rebuild without solder, low profile to save space on a pedal board, and eliminates solderless cable signal failures.

The Monorail is our choice for pedal board cables. It's compact, easy to work with, economical, and sounds insanely good. Get the solid core signal today!

Our SIS Kits contain everything you need to build your pedalboard cables. The Monorail, SIS plugs, an economy cable stripper, and instructions.

The perfect combination of:

  • The Monorail™ sound quality
  • Convenience to build and rebuild without solder
  • Compact cable and plug combination
  • No signal failures in the middle of a song anymore!