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Evidence Audio The Forte™ Balanced Cable Builder (XLR, TRS)

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Just like The Reveal™, The Forte™ is a well-rounded cable designed to bring out the best in your instrument, especially the lows. As a balanced cable, The Forte™ offers extremely quiet recordings with great tonal qualities. The dual IGL-ECS™ conductors minimizes the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, yet retains flexibility of a common stranded cable. High purity copper provides open and extended midrange and high frequencies without artificial etching or glare. Parallel conductor geometry minimizes strand interaction compared with braided shields. Cotton insulation wraps the conductor with a lower dielectric constant than polymers, to preserve micro-dynamics and resolution of detail. The carbon skin extruded over the primary lead reduces triboelectric noise. Low capacitance allows the cable to be used in long runs without high-frequency roll-off.

  • IGL-ECS™ conductors
  • High Purity Copper
  • Semi-Balanced Geometry
  • Organic Insulation
  • 18 awg conductors
  • Neutrik Connectors
  • Cardas Quad or Tri Eutectic Solder
  • Geistnote's TLC