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Evidence Audio Pedalboard Patch Cable Builder (DC Power too!)

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Choose your Evidence Audio Cable

  • Evidence Audio Blackrock, 
  • Evidence Audio Monorail in Black
  • Evidence Audio Monorail in Burgundy

Choose your Connector for the Source and Destination Side of Cable

  • SquarePlug™ SP500 Nickel/Nickel Right Angle
  • SquarePlug™ SPS4 Nickel/Nickel Straight
  • SquarePlug™ SPS4 Black/Nickel Straight
  • Evidence Audio Right Angle SIS (MONORAIL ONLY)***
  • Evidence Audio Straight SIS (MONORAIL ONLY)***
  • Neutrik PX Series Nickel/Nickel Straight
  • Neutrik PX Series Black/Nickel Straight
  • Neutrik PX Series Black/Gold Straight
  • Neutrik PX Series Nickel/Nickel Right Angle
  • Neutrik PX Series Black/Nickel Right Angle
  • Neutrik PX Series Black/Gold Right Angle
  • Switchcraft 226 Right Angle
  • Switchcraft 228 Pancake Right Angle
  • Switchcraft 280 Straight
  • Switchcraft 380 Short Straight
  • Neutrik Female Jack Nickel/Nickel***
  • Neutrik Female Jack Black/Nickel***
  • Switchcraft 121 Female Jack***
  • PureTone TS Jack Nickel***
  • PureTone TS Jack Black Nickel***
  • PureTone TS Jack Gold***
  • Straight DC Power Connector
  • Right Angle DC Power Connector

*** For an additional cost.

Choose your Length of Cable

Enter any special build requirements in the notes field. 

  • Examples, special connector orientation, 0 degree, 90 degrees, or 180 degrees.

Done! It's that easy!