Evidence Audio

75 Ω S/PDIF (RCA) Evidence Audio's The Melody Cable

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Expand the Evidence Audio solid core signal to your digital cables! This cable is coupled with Canare RCA connectors and boots. Canare connectors + Evidence Audio The Melody = Premium S/PDIF Cable

We were doing some research and discovered that Black Lion Audio uses this same cable, The Melody, for their world clock and S/PDIF cables. If you haven't heard Black Lion Audio's recording pres and processors, you are missing out! Great stuff.


  • Standard 75 ohm construction Crimp Pin & Sleeve
  • DC to 200MHz >26dB Return Loss (<1.1 VSWR)
  • Superior cable pull strength
  • Internal Pressure Contact Fingers
  • Gold plated center Shaft
  • Operating temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Canare Connectors and boot.
  • IGL copper conductors
  • Solid core primary conductor
  • 20 AWG conductor size
  • 98% Shield coverage
  • Spiral shield
  • Low capacitance
  • Woven nylon jacket
  • Geistnote's TLC