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Grimm Audio's TPR 'B-Gauge' (BPO 316) Patch Cable

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Grimm Audio's TPR is now available as a 'B-Gauge' (BPO 316) Patch Cable using Neutrik Connectors. 

Grimm TPR ‘Twisted Pair Reference’ cable was developed for the rejuvenated Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands. It offers a quality that approaches our flagship product TPM’s at an affordable price. Now top performance is economically viable for long lengths of cable.

“The rock solid stereo image was so impressive that everybody was stunned and I couldn’t stop smiling”

Ronald Prent, Wisseloord studios

Grimm Audio cables are developed with physics in mind. Their design focuses on high RF immunity and low microphonics. The perfect symmetry of the cross-section and heavy shielding contribute to high RF immunity. Low microphonics is provided by a special interface layer under the shield and other construction details.

TPR delivers the most natural and least coloured transfer available. Get reference quality for a mainstream price.

TPR Features

  • ultra-low microphonics
  • well shielded and well twisted
  • premium quality for an affordable price
  • for generic audio use at line or mic level
  • sold in bulk or as assemblies