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Evidence Audio The Reveal™ Instrument Cable

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The Reveal™ Instrument Cable is a well-rounded cable designed to bring out the best in your instrument. The IGL-ECS™ conductor minimizes the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, yet retains flexibility of a common stranded cable. High purity copper provides open and extended midrange and high frequencies without artificial etching or glare. Parallel conductor geometry minimizes strand interaction compared with braided shields. Cotton insulation wraps the conductor with a lower dielectric constant than polymers, to preserve micro-dynamics and resolution of detail. The carbon skin extruded over the primary lead reduces triboelectric noise. Low capacitance allows the cable to be used in long runs without high-frequency roll-off.

Silent Plug Information

The Reveal™ Instrument Cable with Optional Neutrik Silent Plug for the same price as a regular cable. The Reveal needs no introduction, the silent plug does. If you switch guitars often in a gig, The Reveal™ with a Neutrik Silent Plug is the instrument cable for you. The plug will automatically short (mute) when you disconnect from a guitar. This will save your amp, you ears, and make the sound guy happy. Don't worry about muting everything. Just pull the plug.

Choose between the standard Neutrik connectors found on all Evidence Audio The Reveal™ instrument cables or Neutrik Silent Plug with Gold connectors. Straight or right angle on either end. It is up to you, just let us know.

The silent plug is for use with instrument (guitar) applications only. Damage may occur if connected to an amplifier. Please note that the signal isn't muted with some types of active electric guitars which are equipped with tip-ring-sleeve jacks that tap to activate the guitar power supply. The silent plug itself is not covered in our warranty because it does have a lifetime of 10,000 mating cycles. We will replace the silent plug for the cost of the plug.