About Gōst Cable Assemblies™

Geistnote is proud and excited to introduce Gōst Cable Assemblies™.

Gōst Cable Assemblies™ is our first line of cables targeting studio, stage, and live sound applications with a focus on neutrality, strength, and durability. Utilizing our latest cable manufacturing practices, EasyCoil™ and NoKink™Gōst Cable Assemblies™ are built to last, but they still carry a lifetime warranty and a modest price tag.

The name Gōst (pronounced “ghost”) reflects the neutrality of the cables. When you use a Gōst, the cable becomes invisible in your signal chain! No color is added OR taken away.

The EasyCoil™ technology, as the name suggests, assures the cables are extremely easy to coil due to the secondary jacket. This helps the cable to hold its form (when properly wound) and provides extra protection, resulting in a longer life. Our NoKink™ practice is geared toward protecting the ends of the cables. Since XLR connectors are heavy, cables often develop kinks at each end over time. Our tertiary “jacket” is applied to both ends to prevent this from happening. With these two features combined, the result is a high-quality, easy to manage cable that will go the distance and then some.

Initially, Gōst Cable Assemblies™ will only be found on reverb.com.