Geistnote (House Brand)

0.8µm Aluminum Foil

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  • Thickness: 0.8µm (0.00008 cm, 0.0008 mm, 0.000031496 inches)
  • Width: 4 cm (40 mm, 1.5748 inches) *
  • Length: 12 cm (120 mm, 4.72441 inches) *
  • Area: 48 cm^2 (4800  mm^2, 7.440000868 inches^2)
  • Material: 99.1% Aluminum

*Tolerances: +/- 2 mm

HANDLE WITH CARE. We are not responsible for the foil once you start handling it. The smallest burst of air can flip the foil over, bend it, or tear it. If you fold the material on accident you can smooth it out easily by putting it back in the tracing paper and running your fingers over the tracing paper until it is flat again

We package the material between two pieces of acid free tracing paper. The material and tracing paper is then sandwiched between two pieces of thick poster board. Finally We ship the sheet in a non bendable mailer.


  • Use a cutting mat not a cutting board. You can find on amazon or a local hobby store.
  • Make sure to clean the mat of debris to keep your cut nice and straight.
  • Use a very sharp cutting tool (exacto).
  • Cut slow and steady. Avoid starting and stopping.
  • We like to keep the foil between the two sheets of tracing paper when cutting it to the desired width. This will help to avoid tear out on the edges. Buy some extra tracing paper to store the foil because every time you make a cut you will also cut the tracing paper and eventually run out of the supplied tracing paper.
  • Use a flat ruler as a guide and apply enough pressure so the material doesn't move on you.
  • Cut the ribbon to an oversized length. We like to cut a piece the entire length (longest dimension) of the raw material to make sure we can handle and install the ribbon properly.
  • Have patience. It takes some practice. Try practicing on regular foil first to see how the material responds to cutting. You can also buy some 0.6u (microns) imitation silver leaf to practice on. If you can cut this you will have NO PROBLEM cutting a thicker foil.