Geistnote's GN-C36 1:36

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Geistnote's GN-C36: This transformer is a Chinese import much like the Shinhom T25.

On a budget? This is the transformer for you. It sounds ALMOST as good as the Edcor and is based on Shinhom's T25. You are getting a good transformer for a very low price. 

Designing your own microphone? Make it sound great with this first. If you can do that, a high-end transformer will only make your microphone sound better. (Make sure the turns ratio is similar!)

Learning to Mod Ribbon Microphones? The GN-C36 is the Perfect transformer to practice with. If you hose the transformer, it won't be that big of a monetary loss. 


  • 21 mm (tall) x 22 mm (wide) x 26 mm (long)
  • Cooper shielding
  • 80% Nickel cores.