CAD Audio M179 Tom Microphone

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CAD Audio M179 Variable-pattern Condenser Microphone
The CAD Audio M-179 combines a vintage capsule design with advanced electronics. Designed for professional recording and broadcast applications.
The CAD M179 incorporates a number of unique features:
  • Continuously variable pattern with a "hard" cardioid center detent
  • Large 1.1" dual diaphragm external bias condenser capsule
  • Gold sputtered diaphragms
  • High SPL capability (143 db SPL with pad)
  • Transformerless balanced output circuits
  • 20 dB non-capacitive pad
  • 6dB/Octave @ 100Hz high-pass filter
  • Stainless steel internal pop/EMI filter
  • M179—A great microphone for a large number of uses.
  • The CAD Audio M179 can be used in a broad number of applications ranging from live reinforcement to the most critical studio applications

The M179 is ideal for vocals and voice overs, yet it also excels at some of the most demanding instrument projects. The M179 is great for virtually all acoustic, wind, and amplified instruments. It has been proven to be outstanding in all of these applications and more. Its uncolored sonic characteristics allow you to decide how an instrument or vocal will sound in the mix.

CAD Audio M179 Variable Pattern Switch Functions
The pattern control knob on the M179 has a center detented cardioid position. This allows the user to quickly and consistently lock the microphone in a "hard" cardioid pattern. By turning the know clockwise from the center, the pattern varies continuously from cardioid to subcardioid through omnidirectional. By turning the knob counterclockwise from the center, the pattern varies continuously from cardioid to hypercardioid through bidirectional. This allows the user to adjust to the optimal pattern needed for almost any recording or live situation.

The CAD Audio M179 Microphone offers many features normally found in only the most expensive microphones. With the M179, you get these features at a very affordable price.

Manufacturer's Warranty: Guaranteed against defects in material & workmanship for 2 year from date of purchase.