Cad Audio D82 Ribbon Microphone

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CAD Audio D82 Microphone

D82 is a Moving Ribbon Dynamic that will give you true ribbon warmth with a bit more sparkle than you might expect in a ribbon microphone. Its exceptional frequency response along with an impressive max SPL make it perfect for delivering your custom tone.

  • Microphone for percussion and guitar cabinets
  • Perfect for delivering your custom tone
  • Durable ribbon foil 8 micron thick
  • Exceptional frequency response
  • Brand Used by Professionals
  • Excellent Value!

Moving Ribbon Dynamic Microphone

A moving ribbon design with a figure-8 pattern, the D82 combines true ribbon 'warmth' with sparkle and incredible delivery. It really shines with classic percussion and tambourine overdubs.Frequency response is 30 Hz-20 kHz and max SPL rating is 140 dB at 100 Hz so that it too excels in high-volume environments.


  • Operating Principle - Moving Ribbon Dynamic.
  • Polar Pattern - Figure- of-eight.
  • Frequency Response - 25Hz -20KHz.
  • Sensitivity - -56dBV (1.5mV) @ 1 Pa.
  • Impedance - 400 ohms.
  • Max SPL - 140dB @ 100Hz.
  • Weight - 9.2oz [0.26Kg].
  • RoHS - Compliant.

As With Any Passive Ribbon Microphone, Care Must Be Taken.

Caution: Care must be taken to ensure that the D82 is not plugged into active phantom power. As with any passive ribbon microphone, Improper or intermittent cabling combined with phantom power can permanently damage the ribbon. The D82 should not be used in a kick drum where the strong air blasts might permanently stretch the ribbon. Due to the strong magnetic fields inside a ribbon microphone, areas where ferrous dust and filings are present should be avoided. A pop-filter is recommended for close vocal use.

Create a Custom Sound CADLive: D80, D82, D84

The CADLive: D80, D82, D84 (sold separately) represent durable, easy to place designs each possessing unique sound profiles. Used individually or in tandem the CADLive D80, D82, D84 may be used to create the custom sound you wish from your guitar cabinets and percussion.

Manufacturer's Warranty: Guaranteed against defects in material & workmanship for 5 year from date of purchase.