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Geistnote 75 Ω Apogee Wyde Eye S/PDIF (RCA) to Word Clock (BNC) Cable

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This is a speciality cable terminated with a S/PDIF (RCA) connector on one end and a Word Clock (BNC) connector on the other. 

GN = Geistnote. GN-WE-RR-BB is a custom cable assembled by an Aerospace Defense Contractor using Canare dies, Canare tools, and AS9100 Rev C/ISO 2001 quality management practices. 

The Apogee Wyde Eye cable, BNC Canare, and RCA/SPDIF connectors on the GN-WE-RR-BB are the same as Apogee uses on their WE-BB and WE-RR series cables.