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Deluxe Crimper

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Geistnote's version has arrived! 

If you are trying to replace a ribbon in an older microphone, this might be the tool for you. 

The deluxe crimper is great because it has two sets of gears. Both sets of gears allow you to create ribbons with more corrugations per inch and corrugations that are shallower than those created by the tube wringer (401). If you have ever looked at an Oktava ribbon or some other older ribbons, the corrugations are shallower and are higher in count than most newer designs.

Tips For Corrugating Ribbons of 1.8µm to 2.5µm

  • Buy some tracing paper or use regular printer paper if you are having problems with the tracing paper. Tracing paper is great because you can see the ribbon through the paper. You might need to double up the tracing paper. Also, tracing paper has a low static friction coefficient so be careful when moving it around. The ribbon can slide out.
  • Cut small strips of the tracing paper and fold it in half.
  • Unfold the paper and place the ribbon inside the paper at the fold and make sure it is laying straight.
  • Fold the paper again so the paper is on both sides of the ribbon. One edge (length not width) of the Ribbon should be at the fold.
  • Place one end of the paper into the deluxe crimper.
  • Try to make sure that the fold in the paper is perpendicular (tangent) to the gears. You want the ribbon to be as symmetrical as possible. If the ribbon is at an angle when you place it in the deluxe crimper you will get corrugations that are at an angle.
  • Turn the handle. Done!


  • Great for thin Aluminum Foil Ribbons used for Ribbon Microphones
  • Great for creating beautiful patterns on sheet metal and wire